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Pricing Plans

I offer several pricing plans to make counselling as affordable as I can. I offer a sliding scale for people who need flexible counselling options. I also offer a 30-minute quick check-in. This is especially useful for youth clients, who sometimes would benefit from a short session to get insight on a targeted situation, work on a particular skill/tool, or need a quick debrief. I do not offer the short session for clients in crisis or for first sessions, as this is meant as an option to make maintenance more accessible and I want to make sure that you receive the care you need.

Life is busy and sometimes it gets in the way of counselling. It is fine to re-schedule appointments. I ask that you cancel 24 hours in advance and reschedule 12 hours in advance. If appointments are cancelled or you do not arrive for your appointment, a  missed session fee will be charged to cover the costs of offering that time slot.

Standard Fee

$ 125
plus GST, per session
This is my standard rate for an individual, youth or family session.

Sliding Scale

$ 95-125
plus GST, per session
Please contact me about my sliding scale to find an affordable option.

30 Minute Check-in

$ 55
plus GST, per session
This is my rate for a 30 minute check-in session for existing clients.

Community Service Option

I also see people through Open Path Psychotherapy Collective.
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Contact Me

You can also contact me to set up a session. I can be reached by email at or by phone at (778) 400-6352. Please contact me for a number you can use to text me, if texting is more comfortable or to access my office location. Mail can be sent to P.O. Box 3, Duncan, BC V9L 3X1

I work with youth, families and adults to gently explore difficulties while affirming the ways people are already working towards their own healing. I’m a certified telehealth provider, offering online counselling by video, phone, and text.

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